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Unleash your business’s possibilities by harnessing the power of Angular, one the leading open-source front-end JavaScript frameworks for developing web applications. Angular is widely used for the development of single-page applications (SPAs) and Server-side rendering (SSR).

Drive your business growth with Angular Development Services

At NBX Digital, we provide intuitive and dynamic web applications with our end-to-end and fully customizable Angular Development Services.

Our Angular developers design flexible web applications with optimal structure while providing consulting and support. With our Angular software development services, you’ll get a user-friendly, robust, and secure Angular solution with a dynamic user interface at increased speed – easy to test, reuse and maintain.

Whether you need engaging UX/UI interfaces, enterprise applications, or multi-user management systems, this framework includes outstanding features, making it an excellent choice for creating software.

How can we help you?

We build fast and cost-effective applications using Angular.

Not sure if Angular is the right front-end development framework for your business idea? Our Angular Consultants offer a personalized expert review and analysis of your business, technical stack and current software environment, providing valuable insights. We assess your entire Angular web development process, analyze your goals, offer professional advice on the framework, create an IT strategy, and define further actions to lead your business to success.

We assist you in smoothly and quickly migrating your existing web application from one Angular platform to another. With a short turnaround time, we ensure a quick and smooth upgrade to newer Angular versions. Your Angular applications will be significantly faster and better to scale.

At NBX Digital, our development team is committed to creating flexible, fast, and versatile custom Angular applications that match your unique needs and provide an excellent user experience. If you have an idea in mind, we’ll turn it into a top-notch solution by leveraging the best features of the framework available.

We provide comprehensive post-deployment monitoring and maintenance services to ensure uninterrupted app performance.

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Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2023

Angular is one of the most widely used web frameworks globally, selected by 19.89% of professional developers.

Why choose Angular for your Web Development?

Choosing Angular Development Services is a win-win. The development process is simplified and faster, and we can deliver a robust web solution with complex interface elements.

Simple and fast

Building an application with Angular is simple due to its component-based architecture, and TypeScript makes the code easily fixable. In short, Angular allows quick and easy coding and you get faster web app development.

The modular nature of Angular enables web developers to reuse code components, scale web applications, and divide development tasks among teams while preserving code clarity. In a nutshell, Angular is an excellent option for multi-approach projects that need animation, accessibility, or extensive testing.

Migrating the application from an older version of Angular to the latest one using this framework is a smooth and hassle-free process, as all components are updated automatically. Don’t worry about updating your web applications – Angular offers exceptional maintainability.

Angular Software Development offers better structuring capabilities. This promotes well-organized code, making Angular projects more maintainable and scalable.

The Angular framework can generate and split universal code efficiently and component loading gets faster. Testing gets easier!

Angular offers several component libraries, including Angular Material, Bootstrap, PrimeNG, and Fundamentals NGX. These libraries provide a wide variety of predefined components that make web application development easier and ensure that the user interface layers in Angular applications are seamless, fast and bug-free.

The benefits of integrating Angular is a global community of skilled developers, public code, supervised and continuous maintenance from Google. This is a guarantee of quality and professional support and has led to the establishment of comprehensive support channels. With the release of different Angular versions over time, a robust ecosystem has evolved around the framework.

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Our best Angular Coding Practices

Project Structure

We organize the project structure effectively; this is essential to ensure good scalability.


We conduct E2E tests to ensure the functionality of the application.

Lazy Loading

We load parts of the application only when necessary, improving the initial loading speed of the application.

RxJS Usage

We understand and appropriately use “Observables” to manage asynchronous data and event flows.

Proper TypeScript Usage

We never use types like “any”. Having a well-typed project helps prevent development errors.

Avoiding unknown Dependencies

By doing this, we can avoid any issues when updating the Angular version and always use the latest features as it offers.

Most Frequently Asked Questions about Angular

We reply to some of the most common FAQs to make your decision as easy as possible.

What is the difference between AngularJS and Angular 2+?

AngularJS is the older version of Angular, initially released by Google in 2010. AngularJS is a JavaScript framework primarily focused on manipulating the Document Object Model (DOM) to build web applications. However, as of now, it no longer receives active support from Google.

Angular (also known as Angular 2+ or simply Angular) is a more modern and comprehensive version, released in 2016. It is a complete rewrite of AngularJS and uses TypeScript instead of JavaScript. Angular offers enhanced performance, modularity, and advanced features for web and mobile application development.

In summary, Angular is an improved and more robust framework compared to AngularJS, featuring TypeScript support, better performance, and a more modular and feature-rich architecture. As a result, many developers have transitioned to using Angular for their web and mobile development projects due to its modernized and feature-packed capabilities.

Angular is a comprehensive and powerful framework which utilizes TypeScript to provide safer and more robust code. Its component-based architecture facilitates code reusability and maintenance. Additionally, it benefits from Google’s support and optimizes application performance. Angular is an excellent choice for large and complex projects.

TypeScript is a language developed by Microsoft that enhances the development of large-scale applications by adding static typing and other features. Angular utilizes TypeScript as its primary language, providing benefits such as early error detection, increased productivity, and more maintainable code. In summary, using TypeScript in Angular results in safer and more efficient code, especially for large projects.

The time estimation depends on various factors such as the project’s scope, the number of resources allocated, the chosen technology stack, the level of customization required, and the complexity of integrated features and functionalities.

For Angular development, building an app from scratch typically takes weeks to months, depending on the size and complexity of the application. The development process involves designing the user interface, implementing the functionalities, testing, and ensuring a smooth deployment. The goal is to deliver a high-quality and robust Angular solution that aligns with the client’s requirements and provides an exceptional user experience. The exact timeline for your specific project will be determined through a detailed assessment and discussion with our development team.